Wilderness and Ranch-based Addiction Treatment

We do things differently. Three Strands’ treatment program gives Hope. Grit. Healing. to young men struggling with substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health disorders. Located on a 1,378-acre working ranch in the mountains outside of Steamboat Springs, CO, Three Strands’ 30-day wilderness expedition, coupled with a 60-day stay on our working ranch, form the foundation of our trauma-informed, comprehensive, and clinically proven 90-day treatment program. Three Strands provides life-changing care in a non-traditional way—and helps clients find a path to the life they always envisioned.

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Our Program

Three Strands treats young adult men, ages 18-27, suffering with substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health disorders. We believe that gender-specific care, in a therapeutic and demanding natural environment, are necessary ingredients to lasting recovery. The Three Strands 90-day program addresses trauma and other underlying factors that often lead to substance use and works to instill a deep sense of self-confidence and accomplishment in every client.

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Knowing that there is something greater, that beckons us into a greater story.


Having the courage and resolve to stay your course in the midst of challenges and adversity.


Making the broken things whole again.

Our Team

Three Strands is comprised of a world-class team of dedicated professionals. Each team member has been handpicked to deliver the highest quality, personalized care to our clients and their families. We call our team “family”—our deep, shared commitment to Three Strands mission bonds us together. Our staff is fully invested in helping every client find Hope. Grit. Healing. Join us, let’s start this journey together.

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Our Partners

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