Core Services Provided:

Our therapeutic structure provides comprehensive programming for a diverse population of individuals with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. Three Strands offers evidence-based models of care in all of our clinical services. We deliver our services to accommodate any learning style, whether it’s in expert-led psycho-educational groups, staff-facilitated group therapy sessions or hands-on recreational activities.   

Personalized Treatment Planning

We believe that every person is unique and needs a uniquely-designed recovery path to fit their specific needs. Each client who enters the Three Strands’ program receives a complete biopsychosocial assessment to help their assigned primary clinician understand both their challenges and their unique growth opportunities. Our team collaborates with each client to help build a comprehensive, customized treatment plan that is not only challenging, but practical.  

Multi-Service Model of Care

At Three Strands, we offer a variety of therapeutic modalities such as individual therapy, group therapy, adventure therapy, family therapy and medication-assisted therapy. We customize treatment plans for every client to ensure that each plan is thoughtful and provides tailored, client-specific care, with the goal of positive outcomes and healthy, fulfilling futures.

Family Programming

Addiction is a family disease. At Three Strands, we offer a multi-day family program that engages families and helps to build trust and understanding. We include both experiential and didactic learning formats to start the healing process. Our program provides direct family therapy to clients and their loved ones that continues—with the support of our Family Care Specialists—after clients transition back to their home communities.

Diverse Client Population

We welcome all adult male clients, ages 18-27, from every  socioeconomic, geographic, sexual, cultural, and spiritual orientation. We embrace diversity and believe that we can all learn from being a part of peer group that, at first glance, might seem more different than alike. At the end of the day, we are all brothers and sisters in recovery—and we need one another to survive and thrive.

Continuing Care

The minute the treatment experience begins, Three Strands is working to prepare clients to transition back to their home environment. The treatment experience is fluid and goes through many phases, often lasting through a large portion of a person’s life. We know that the residential phase is merely a step to help lay the groundwork for a lifetime in recovery. Our team will help clients plan and prepare for recovery after treatment—and every client will always be a part of the Three Strands family.

Hope. Grit.