Individual Treatment Plans

Since every person is unique, treatment needs to be tailored to individual needs to be successful. Each client who enters the program receives a complete biopsychosocial assessment to help their assigned primary clinician understand their challenges and their unique growth opportunities.

Different clients respond differently to a range of treatment methods, so we offer a variety of therapeutic modalities such as individual therapy, group therapy, adventure therapy, and family therapy.

With so many options, we can customize treatment plans to serve every client’s needs and to ensure that each plan provides client-specific care with the goal of achieving a full recovery from addiction to lead a healthy, purposeful life.

Our goal is 360-degree healing for each individual client. The belief that everyone can be whole and healthy drives everything we do. Whether it’s a breakthrough on top of a mountain, finding purpose and peace in ranch chores, or learning to let people in and share a personal story in a group counseling session, we help clients find their own way to heal.

We also know that the residential phase is merely the first step to help lay the groundwork for life-long recovery. A personal treatment plan also means preparing clients for their transition to the next stage of the treatment continuum. Our team will help clients prepare for continued recovery after treatment and every client will always be a part of the Three Strands family.

Hope. Grit.