Ranch Program

We built our unique ranch program at Three Strands to give our clients a sense of challenge, purpose, and responsibility–and a chance to take ownership of their personal path to recovery. By engaging in the day-to-day life and work of our ranch, clients learn to lead, to communicate well, and develop the self-efficacy needed for success. Work—tending Three Strands’ ranchlands and gardens, caring for livestock—gives meaning and purpose to each day. Accomplishment becomes empowerment, potential, and a positive sense of self-worth.


 At Three Strands, we believe that service is the backbone of recovery. On the ranch—and in life—every action we take is meaningful and affects others. The daily work of the Three Strands ranch—growing and harvesting food, chopping firewood, caring for animals—are acts of service that feed the bodies and souls of our clients. Each day, the bounty of the land, reaped through hard work, teaches us the rewards of service.

Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming adversity, pushing through in hard times, enduring difficult tasks. These are the most important skills a young person can develop when working toward recovery. The Three Strands ranching program teaches clients to push through obstacles and see tasks through to the end. Whether it’s feeding livestock during a snowstorm in January, or mending the fence line in the July sun, the ability to overcome adversity and solve problems is a necessary and important part of life on the ranch.


Ranch work is rhythmic, methodical, and intrinsically therapeutic. Performing routine tasks in a beautiful setting creates a calm space for our clients to reflect on their experiences in treatment. Our ranching staff, along with our clinical team, ensure that clients also have ample time to share their experiences and process with the rest of the group. These quiet times help create a safe, supportive environment in which clients can work together, mentor, and coach one another as they travel through their personal recovery journey.

Hope. Grit.