Working with Young Men

The period from their late teenage years through their twenties is a time of profound and important change. In the modern era it has become a unique stage of development known as emerging adulthood as coined by Dr Jeffery Arnett. At Three Strands, we acknowledge the uniqueness of this stage and the issues associated with it. That some young men, in this stage need to be given an extra hand on this path. We always meet them where they are and help them move through the transition into full adulthood.

In our modern world, many young men are not used to taking care of themselves—let alone families of their own. They face challenges unknown to previous generations and are increasingly plagued by anxiety disorders. At the same time, they encounter alcohol and drugs almost everywhere. Because of their social immaturity, they are exposed to dangerous temptations. Alcohol is readily available and a standard element of social gatherings. Marijuana has been legalized for recreational purposes in several states and has a wide misperception of no longer considered dangerous.

Acquiring and practicing adult life skills is an important element of their treatment. Each young man is different and requires personalized care but they all need to strengthen important core values to be able to live independently and drug-free. Living and working on our ranch, clients learn to cope with sometimes unfamiliar challenges of everyday life and thrive in a lifestyle of recovery and purpose. Ranch life requires hard work and commitment, problem-solving and creativity, care and thoughtfulness. It requires accountability, integrity, honesty, and courage—all principles at the core of the Three Strands mission.

The ranch experience provides the foundation they need to get the most out of the next step—the 30-day wilderness expedition. Led by trained wilderness recovery specialists, this immersive outdoor experience is designed to both challenge and inspire. From the mountaintops of Colorado, these young men gain confidence and find out how strong they really are. This will help them overcome their addiction and transition to a life of recovery and full adulthood. 

Hope. Grit.